i Am In Big Trouble

I peed on the bed again today. I don't know why I did it, but my human is really mad. I had to run before he locked me in the bathroom. I'm hiding now.

This was a bad mistake.


What in the world did they think they were doing? They packed. They put out fresh food and water. They even put out a mattress pad for me to do my business on.

And then, they locked me in the little bedroom.

No food. No water. No cat pan.

Oh, well. A cat just has to make do.

So much for the bed.

Losing My Fur

Ok, I know it's spring. I know that I'm shedding. But if the older child is in the other room watching Piglet's Big Movie and I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to sit on daisy_knotwise's lap while she's sitting on the couch and to get some much deserved attention, this does not mean that the younger child is supposed to walk up and pull out loose hair in clumps! I ended up on Gretchen's shoulder and the baby was still grabbing at my tail.

What's a self-respecting cat supposed to do? You can't bite them...


First, the one that runs around and chases me dumps my food into my water dish. Multiple times. Then she dumps my food into the toilet. Then she dumps formula powder into my water dish. The only good news is that the big loud one of my people yelled at her for that and she hasn't done it since.

So last night, the smaller big one of my people let me out, which was good, because the white stuff was finally off the ground. But did she remember to let me back in?


I got to spend all night outside in the wind! Do you know how much I hate it when the wind goes whistling through my fur?


The big loud one finally let me in this morning on his way to work.

About time.

I'm Just Sayin'

Can't a guy have a night out now and then without it being a federal case?
The weather is lovely. What's wrong with a camp out?
Of course, since they didn't notice that I was gone 'till the second night I didn't show up at bedtime... Well they deserve the scare.
And the guilt is getting me lots of nice scritches.
Wake me when it's suppertime.